Why Data Backups are Essential – Both at Home and at Work

Computers nowadays are able to store an impressive amount of information. In fact, even the average smartphone has more storage capacity than the computers on board the shuttle in the Apollo moon missions. Storage devices we now find in the average computer would once need to be the size of a house in order to store the same amount of information.

Obviously, this is very beneficial to us. It allows us to store vast amounts of information in a way that is easily accessible to us. With the convenience this offers, it also makes sense to take advantage of these benefits. As such, both individuals and businesses are likely to store a great deal of information on their computers, much of which is likely to be sensitive.

Protecting Your Information

Despite the benefits of being able to store so much information so conveniently – there is a catch. Computer hardware, although impressive, is not impervious to damage and other faults that could lead to the data being lost. There is also a possibility that your computers are stolen. This can mean that the data is lost forever, which of course is extremely inconvenient.

It could mean losing important personal banking information, essential information on your company’s client base, or even just personal family photos. Regardless of the value it may have to you or to others, it can be completely irretrievable.

This is where backups come in. Backing up your data allows you to store your information in a safe place. Even if your computers are broken, lost or stolen then you still have access to any information that you have backed up elsewhere. This can save you a great deal of personal heartache, inconvenient and cost.

Legal Obligations

In many cases, corporations are also legally obliged to keep their client’s data backed up. Not only does it need to be backed up, but it also needs to be backed up in a manner that the data can be accessed in a meaningful manner at some point in the future if needed. Not meeting these obligations can potentially lead to severe penalties.

Backup Methods

There are various ways to back up your data. One of the simplest is to use external hard drives and USB flash drives (aka thumb drives) which can then be stored elsewhere. This is usually suitable for domestic uses and the external storage devices can be stored in a safe if needed.

While this is suitable for home computers, something else is needed for larger scale operations. For starters, there’s the matter of capacity. There’s also a matter of security. Even though something may be locked in a safe, that does not mean it is completely protected from damage or theft. A large company is likely to have data that is very valuable. This can make it worth the while of people that know how to deal with the average safe with ease!

Third party services are available that provide safe and secure digital storage facilities for individuals and for corporations. These provide maximum security against damage and theft, as well as maximum protection against online breaches. They will also ensure that you have full access to the data whenever you need it, while still maintaining the maximum security of that data.

All in all, not backing up your data can lead to some considerable inconvenience and financial loss at some point in the future!

The importance of data backups - NECL IT Blog

NECL Have Got Your Back with Your Backups!

Performing or scheduling regular backups is a relatively straightforward task in many cases, particularly for households. Most backup software suppliers provide their own instructions and guidelines to help you through the process.

If you prefer, we can make the task far simpler for you, no matter how much or how little capacity you may need. Whether you run a small business and need a place to store your sensitive information, or you simply wish to keep your most favourite digital photographs in one central and secure environment, we got your back!

If you need assistance scheduling a regular backup program on your IT system, give us a call on 020 3664 636 or fill out the form on our contact page.

We’re more than happy to talk about your specific data backup requirements anytime! We always advocate maximum security and the implementation of best practice data backup and recovery techniques.

The importance of data backups - NECL IT Blog