The Importance of Dedicated Firewalls for Small Businesses

Small businesses have a responsibility to protect their computer systems for themselves, their employees and their customers. Taking care of computer security is as important as looking after the property and needs to be taken care of right away. Dealing with the aftermath of a security breech is far more difficult than protecting against one using dedicated firewalls, but what are you protecting against?

Firewall for business - IT Security

Security Issues Facing Small Businesses

If you use the Internet, your business is at risk of being attacked. There are multiple ways that an attack may take place. For example, your online PC and files are at risk of viruses, malware, ransomware and even hackers attempting to steal files and data. The information you hold could end up in the hands of criminals. At best, the productivity of the office will be affected as you try to remove the virus, locate the source and repair any damaged software or even hardware.

All small businesses need to have a firewall in place, those that accept online transactions and even those that don’t. The firewall must be configured correctly, ensuring customer data is safe. The use of the firewall is even more effective when combined with an antivirus. Both add a layer of protection that will be part of the online security policy.

Dedicated Firewalls Protect Small Businesses

Protect against cyber-attacks with dedicated firewalls that are perfect for small businesses. Firewalls are not new, they’ve been around for years and you’ve probably already noticed one blocking a website or software on your PC or laptop. The job of the firewall is to check out any traffic as it comes and goes in and out of your system. They check to see that it’s secure by ensuring it fits in with some basic rules. If the traffic fails it will be blocked, protecting your PC and data. If it passes, the traffic will be permitted to continue.

A dedicated firewall works in the same way; however, they are not stored on the same server. The business will be able to establish the type of traffic that is permitted and what isn’t. The data stored on your networks will be protected and you are more likely to avoid expensive delays in productivity. Firewalls can also be used to limit the type of websites your employees or guests can access. For example, if you don’t want your employees spending time on social accounts you could choose to block Facebook etc. Not necessarily recommended but definitely possible using a Firewall.

Business Security

The firewall acts as a secured gateway to your business. Only those on the list can pass through, the others will be blocked, ensuring the business is secure and protected against those wanting to do harm. All traffic entering your computer systems will have to pass the inspection before getting the green light.

Small businesses cannot afford to be without the protection provided by a dedicated firewall. They are affordable and easy to configure and set up with the help of your IT support service provider – NECL IT.

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Firewall for business - IT Security