Does Your Business Have an Effective SEO Strategy?

Many brands and businesses know that they need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for their digital marketing campaigns, and that there are many benefits of using good search optimisation strategies for your business. SEO will undoubtedly improve the visibility and searchability of your website, but why is SEO so important? What other real value does it offer?

The truth is, every business needs a good SEO strategy in order to take their branding to the next level. Regardless of your industry or your business’ size, SEO is crucial for providing an excellent user experience, boosting engagement and conversions, and improving your brand’s reputation overall.

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It builds trust and credibility

The goal of search engine optimisation is to establish a strong foundation for a brand website that offers a clean and effective user experience from start to finish, thanks to strong visibility making it easily discoverable in search. The trust and credibility of the brand plays a huge part too, of course.

This trust as an authority brand is earned over time, as a result of a combination of important elements and factors such as positive user behavioural trends, high-quality backlinks, machine-learning signals and optimised on-page elements. A strong, long-term SEO strategy is crucial for building the type of trust and credibility that you want for your brand; it’s not something that can be built overnight.

It offers a better user experience:

Today, anybody who knows what they are doing with SEO will tell you that it’s no longer all about keywords and backlinks. Whilst these are still certainly important and play their part in the strategy, what Google and other search engines are looking for is a positive user experience when it comes to ranking websites. Every business wants maximum visibility and better organic traffic, but what many fail to realise is that an optimal user experience is crucial for getting there.

Today, customers know what they want and if they’re unable to find that, performance will suffer. Offering users the information that they need within a minimum number of clicks is key. Quality SEO incorporates a positive user experience and uses it to work in the brands favour.

It’s not just About Google:

Sure, Google makes up around 75% of the search market, but SEO isn’t all about Google. There are many other ways in which your brand could be discoverable online, which require optimisation and a good strategy in order to achieve. For example, take social media – Facebook, for instance – it’s a key marketing and SEO tool for many brands today. The content that your brand posts on this social platform creates pages that can show up in SERPs.

Paid social media marketing is also an increasingly popular and necessary SEO strategy; this could be in the form of boosted posts or via paying social influencers to mention your products or services in their posts.

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SEO best practices are subject to constant updates:

It’s great to have SEO strategies implemented on your brand’s website and across your digital properties, but if it’s only a short-term engagement, chances are the strategies you are using now will be out of date after some time. If a site is not constantly re-evaluated over time in terms of SEO, it will eventually reach a threshold where no more improvements can be made.

Because of this, it’s crucial that your business has a long-term SEO strategy in place, which is constantly revisited to ensure that it is in line with current SEO trends and best practices. When it comes to improving visibility, searchability, reputation and customer experience, a strong SEO strategy is crucial. Call NECL on 020 3664 6365 to find out more.