Are you Considering a New Website for Your Business?

A website is pretty much an essential tool for businesses nowadays. Try to do business without one and you are likely to find that your competitors do well while you get left behind. They act as a portal that allows buyers to learn more about you and, hopefully, to buy from you too. If designed properly they can act as a powerful selling tool, helping to increase sales significantly.

The question is not really whether or not you should have a website, but more which platform you should be using.

There are various choices out there, and some are better than others, so it may not be easy at first to decide which one to use. Among the most popular of all is WordPress – for some very good reasons!

Why Build Your New Website with WordPress?

Below are some of the most prominent reasons why you should at least consider using WordPress for your business website.

Guides and How-To Advice

Although WordPress is fairly straightforward, there are still plenty of guides and how-to advice that explain how to use it. Easy to follow articles and videos will explain the basics, while more advanced features are also covered. This means that even complete beginners are able to design their own websites and they could even go on to learn the more advanced features.

Themes Galore

Take just a quick look at what WordPress has to offer and one of the first things you will notice is that there’s plenty of themes to work with. WordPress themes make it easier for anybody to create a professional looking website without having to learn all about web building from scratch. Many are also completely free to use, although the premium themes that you will have to pay for are still very affordable.

Plentiful Plugins

Do you want your website to be able to do something specific? Maybe take bookings, play videos or have links to your social media sites? WordPress has a huge selection of plugins to choose from that provide added functionality to your site without the need for coding knowledge. Just add the plugin to your site and it is ready to use.

What’s more is that WordPress is open source. This means that anybody can contribute to its development so there is a huge range of user-made plugins, templates and other add-ons to use.

Easy to Update

Whether you built your WordPress site for yourself, or you asked somebody else to do it for you, keeping it up to date is very easy to do. This is important as it is often necessary to update your site to keep potential customers informed of new products and services. The search engines also favour websites that are kept fresh, helping you to rise up in the search results. It is also ideal for bloggers as adding new blogs could not be any easier.

SEO Friendly

Having a great website is all very well but it is all but useless if nobody finds it. WordPress is very SEO friendly, meaning it will help you to get your site listed high in the search results when people look for you. This can help to make your website and even more powerful tool, helping to put your business on the map.

Highly Responsive

Visitors to your site don’t want to be left waiting for pages to load. If they are made to wait for too long, they are likely to just leave without ever buying a thing from you. The WordPress platform is very responsive, meaning that loading times are kept to a minimum. It is also mobile friendly which is very important considering that most searches are now made on a mobile device.

Up to Date

WordPress developers make sure that the platform is constantly up to date with advances in methods and technology. Should there be a new algorithm that affects SEO, or maybe a new hardware product that requires specific functions, WordPress will be on it as soon as possible. It is already way ahead of some other web builders and will continue to be with continual development.

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