Don’t suffer from technophobia this Halloween!

What’s scarier than ghosts, spookier than black cats and more terrifying than a haunted graveyard on Halloween night? That moment when you can’t get online to check how many ‘likes’ your Halloween pumpkin picture just got on Facebook! Or, the time your PC froze and wiped your all-important meeting documents from your hard-drive. Frightening stuff!

There’s no need to suffer from technophobia this Halloween though – help is at hand!

IT Halloween Scary - NECL IT Consultancy

All Fright on The Night

If the idea of connectivity issues, smartphone frustrations or a printer that won’t print your important documents haunts your nightmares, then home IT support could be the ideal solution. How many times have you struggled with your current internet set up at home and wished you had your own personalised IT support team on hand to help?

Have you spent hours figuring out why your printer wouldn’t print, checking the paper, ink and power source over and over again? These issues can be incredibly frustrating and, unless you’re lucky enough to have an IT expert in the family, there’s usually not a lot you can do other than call the product customer support line. This usually involves spending half of your morning listening to their annoying hold/elevator music!

Spooky Support for Technophobes This Halloween

Whatever your level of proficiency when it comes to IT, you’re likely to encounter issues with your home setup at some point. If you’re unhappy with connectivity in your home – for instance if there are dead spots and you can’t figure out a solution – the team at NECL It are happy to assist. It might be that your current setup isn’t working for you, but you don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing a PC or setting up a home network.

We’re here to offer expert advice and recommend the right systems for your needs, helping you every step of the way until you’re set up with a system that won’t let you down.

Troubleshooting Terror Tech Issues When You Need IT Most

The terror of unsaved Word documents vanishing into the ether or a printer or external hard drive that your PC refuses to recognise doesn’t have to keep you up at night. Rather than calling your neighbour who works in IT yet again, you can get home support from IT experts at the touch of a button. Somebody can talk you through exactly what’s going wrong, offering support that solves your tech issues without the stress.

Whether you use your home PC for business or leisure, knowing you can turn to an expert service when you’re struggling to print documents for your presentation or connect to the internet to update your social media gives you peace of mind.

Our Home User IT Support team can help  you with any spooky tech issues keeping you awake this Halloween, whatever the problem! Get in touch with us today if you live in London, Buckinghamshire or Hertfordshire to see how we can help you.