Our Top 10 Books for Helping You Improve Your Productivity

If you want to get a head start on the New Year with laser focus, then here are the top ten books you should be reading.

10 productivity books you should read

Make sure to pick up a copy of each and the next stop will be when you start achieving those goals!

1 – The One Thing (Gary Keller)

Gary Keller speculates that there is only ever truly one thing in our lives that we need to change in order to be more productive, live happier lives and be better people. If you can find that one thing? Then the world is your oyster… at least in terms of workload.

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2 – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey)

If you haven’t heard about this productivity boosting masterpiece yet, then where have you been hiding? The idea behind Stephen Covey’s work is that changing 7 key areas of your life will improve your productivity to no end. This method focuses on your character, building it up and making the best of your life goals. Thoroughly useful stuff for the procrastinator.

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3 – Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity (David Allen)

We love this one because it focuses on the stress factors that cause us to rush from one task to the next. It helps us to identify inner weaknesses are rectify the situation to get closer to our goals.

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4 – The Compound Effect (Darren Hardy)

From the publisher of “Success” magazine comes this novel-shaped guide to increasing your chances of success. Be it in love, social life or career – this one can help you improve and be more productive. It helps you achieve goals by accumulating baby steps… simple? You decide.

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5 – Free to Focus (Michael Hyatt)

Free to Focus allows you to set up a system for maximum productivity that works best for you. It does this by taking a closer look at the Work/Life Balance than the others on our list.

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6 – Principles: Life and Work (Ray Dalio)

Another book that focuses on that all-important Work/Life Balance is Principles, by Ray Dalio. This is an oldie-but-a-goodie. It can be found in most CEO’s bottom desk drawers, or it takes pride of place on the bookshelf. There is a reason for this. Read it and see if it helps your success.

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7 – First Things First (Stephen Covey)

Another from the master of life organisation, First Things First helps us to focus on the minute-by-minute side of productivity. Is the journey as important as the destination? If you think so, then this is the production book you need in 2020.

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8 – Living the 80/20 Way (Richard Koch)

In this book you will learn how applying the 80/20 principle (of the author’s own design) can help you succeed in life.

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9 – Eat that Frog! (Brian Tracy)

The title really says it all here. This is a fun take on how to stop procrastination and makes for an entertaining read.

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10 – Extreme Productivity: Boost your Results, Reduce your Hours (Robert Pozen)

Our final book tipped to boost your production in 2020 is this offering from Robert Pozen. Everyone wants to work less but get the same amount done – don’t they? This book can show you how.

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Please note we do not receive any commission by recommending these books – not from the retailer, nor the authors – we’ve either read or are planning to read them all following recommendations from colleagues and friends.

We hope you find this list useful and inspiring. If you need help improving your relationship with IT and technology, feel free to contact us and if we’ve missed out your favourite productivity book, why not recommend it in the comments below!