The Next Big Things in The World of Tech

Technological trends have always been geared towards making man’s life easier and you can expect the same for what is coming in 2020.

Top Tech Trends for 2020 - NECL Blog

Here we will focus on business-related developments that are changing how businesses operate internally and interact with consumers.

1. Chat Bots

If are a regular internet user, chances are you have severally encountered customer service chatbots in the last month. This technology has been swiftly adopted by many businesses as a means of keeping up customer engagement. These bots make use of AI to communicate with consumers along programmed lines of enquiry.

This technology has reduced the need for actual human interaction through phone calls and online chat and boosted sales by providing support whose absence would have otherwise resulted in the customers abandoning their carts.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

The increased capability of devices that can collect and exchange data on a user does bring up some privacy concerns but is a boon to businesses that are taking advantage of the trend to not only explore new investment opportunities but also improve on their own performance and productivity.

Having data on consumer behaviour can be instrumental in guiding business strategy and result in more personalised products and services. With consumers becoming more drawn to businesses that offer a personal touch, this technology can be expected to help build brand loyalty.

3. Empowered Edge Computing

As more and more people adopt the use of smart devices, this technology is looking at how to better manage the massive amounts of data being collected, as with IoT. With empowered edge, the goal is to not only keep this data closer to where it has been sourced from, but also develop smart spaces where important applications and services can be availed to users. As smart devices like electronics and wearables become the norm, this trend is likely to become a key aspect.

4. Distributed Cloud

This technology is expected to help improve user experience by providing easier access to data and networking by reducing latency. A distributed cloud is a micro-cloud that exists outside the centralised cloud providing faster connectivity and reduced congestion for its users.

Being able to set up data centres outside traditional cloud provider data centres has proven alluring thanks to the more responsive communication it provides amongst its users and greater data sovereignty.

5. Automated Warehouses

With smart computer systems and robotics, it is now possible to gain better control over inventory. By using technology to monitor stock flows in and out of warehouses, the relevant management can take more timely decisions when making orders.

Accurate data generated also allows for more precise predictions on how inventory will move and should be ordered for. This technology is not just for retailers but is also being used by manufacturers to track raw materials, in-process, and finished goods. Robotics is also being utilised at a retail level, with some stores already using the technology to assist customers in finding products and making orders.

6. Facial Recognition

This technology is already in use in other forums such as identification of shoplifters and even smartphone security. It is now also becoming a new means of growing retail business. By being able to identify a customer through facial recognition as they enter a brick and mortar establishment, businesses can tap into data collected to offer a personalised shopping experience.

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