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Gavin is a former Director of Kleinwort Benson, and Group Managing Director of Intercontinental Hotels. He has held a number of Chairmanships, including Red Funnel, Classic Hospitals and Snell Corporation.

Currently, Gavin is Chairman of Voyage Care, a company providing support to over 3,000 people with learning disabilities, autism, brain injuries and other complex needs across the UK.

Gavin places great value on his time. He prefers to call in trusted IT experts to choose, install and configure hardware and software to the highest of standards within his home in West London.

Gavin keeps his IT separate from the organisations he works with. By doing this, he avoids creating any conflict on IT department priorities. Also, by contracting a third-party IT support company in London, he ensures that his information is kept entirely separate.

In Gavin’s current role as company Chairman, he is continually handling highly sensitive information which must be kept secure at all times.

Furthermore, Gavin is often working to a really busy schedule and needs an IT Support provider who is flexible around appointment times. He also needs them to have a strong service ethic, attending promptly when required and sticking to pre-agreed plans. Delivering exactly when promised.

Gavin also requires a supplier with meticulous attention to detail, who are prepared to spend the correct amount of time fine-tuning his systems to make them as time-efficient as possible to use.

It was clear from the outset that Gavin wanted to work closely with a single individual where ever possible who understands his IT needs intimately.



Our approach is truly client-centric. We take great pride in our flexible approach to working and our ability to adjust our style to suit each individual client.

Furthermore, our IT experts are highly personable, they turn up for meetings and telephone appointments on time and well prepared. They listen carefully and respond thoughtfully.

We recruit the very best people and then look after them properly. This means that we have the lowest staff turnover in the IT and Digital Marketing Industries. This is essential to ensure continuity of client contact.


We appointed an IT consultant with whom Gavin would build a solid working relationship. This IT Consultant over time has learned the intricacies of Gavin’s computing needs and work practices.

Through this close relationship, we have earned Gavin’s trust which has led to us implementing fully automated and securely encrypted data backup and state of the art virus and security software.

More recently, replacing his personal computer and ensuring his email and other data works seamlessly between devices.

At all times adjusting the technology to suit Gavin’s computing needs where ever possible.


For Gavin, he no longer has to spend unnecessary time thinking or worrying about his IT as he can rely on NECL to manage all this proactively for him.

He enjoys the blend of seamless reliable technology, combined with a seamless customer experience. He can therefore focus more clearly on his work and family life and feels reassured that everything IT is taken care of.

I was looking for a small IT consultancy to help me with my technology within my West London home. They needed to be highly competent, responsive and personable. They also needed to be flexible in order to fit around my busy life.

I appointed NECL nearly 3 years ago, who continually exceed my expectations, and always go the extra mile to ensure that everything works seamlessly. I recommend them to friends and colleagues regularly.

– Mr Gavin Simonds, Chairman, Voyage Care Limited


Gavin Simonds NECL Client


Chairman at Voyage Care Ltd.
Former Group Managing Director of Intercontinental Hotels
Former Director at Kleinwort Benson
Lives in West London
3+ year relationship with NECL




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