Most definitely, in fact the majority of our clients prefer to work with us in this way. This is because clients who have multiple suppliers looking after their IT and digital marketing needs often find that they spend a huge amount of time liaising between parties on technical issues which can be very time consuming. Furthermore, if something stops working, they can find them self unsure as to who to call and who will take overall ownership for a resolution.

Managing a single supplier takes a lot less time and can be more cost effective too. It is also a lot less stressful as one phone call or email sent will lead to a resolution no matter where the problem lies. In many ways this is the complete peace of mind option.

Here at NECL, we pride ourselves in providing a really comprehensive service. On an IT support level we look after you from initial advice to implementation to aftersales and ongoing IT support. So whether you need a new server, laptop or desktop computer, file storage, telephony or connectivity you can rest assured that we can handle all your IT support needs.