We are often asked to make comparisons for business owners or senior management in this regard and are delighted to do so. It is almost always better to outsource. Here’s why.

If you have under 150 employees, it is impossible to gain any economies of scale to make employing your own in-house IT team cost effective. Companies who have in house IT find it an unwanted distraction from core activities. They often find recruitment, retention and management of the key people difficult as they do not have the experience necessary to make it a success. Furthermore, holiday cover is often tricky as key information about the systems are not stored or passed on correctly. Often this over reliance, on a key individual is exacerbated by the departure of a key person who then a leaves a tremendous gap and problem in the short-term.

Here at NECL we looked carefully at these client concerns and have structured our business to ensure that it is always beneficial to the client to outsource.

Firstly, through our ever-growing client base we generate real economies of scale, we start with employing only the best people and provide training via a quality structured training program for all team members. Here at NECL, we recognise fully that people are and always will be our greatest asset and through a strong retention program boast the lowest staff turnover in our industry.  We then mix in the best technologies and combine this with our experience from other industries. All this means that we can provide real value for money to any organisation considering IT outsourcing.