One of the many positive impacts the internet and email has had on our lives is the ability it has given many of us to work remotely. This opportunity has been further enhanced by the increased availability of high-speed internet both with the home/ office and via mobile connectivity.

Whilst listing all of the benefits is beyond the scope of our reply here, the benefits of home working are wide as they are varied.

From an employers’ perspective, it offers the chance to achieve competitive advantage by driving down costs in a way that does not impact on the level of service that they provide whilst empowering employees to be accountable for results rather than day to day activities.

From an employees perspective, it offers opportunity for greater control over their working day often increasing morale and productivity whilst at the same time.  Improving work-life balance and quality of life.

Here at NECL, we embrace home working whole heartedly.  Unnecessary commutes and internal meetings are kept to a minimum. Modern communications are used to the max whilst meetings are held over a delicious breakfast and are an informal  event between likeminded colleagues. All very productive.

We look after many people working from home. Some are small business owners without an IT support team who require the same benefits.  Others are senior managers who do not wish to upset IT department priorities.  Whatever the situation, the requirement to experience proactive high quality IT advice or support remains the same.

Here at NECL we make home or remote workers feel as connected as their office colleagues. We achieve this through our personal approach and our great attention to detail. We will sit down with you over a cuppa, and carefully align your IT with your objectives. This may include, choosing and installing the right laptop, helping you design your workspace, or perhaps fine tuning your office remote access.  Whatever your need when working from home our IT Consultant will be quietly working away to provide you with the right technology at a sensible price.