We recognise in servicing the small business and domestic market that price will always be an important factor when evaluating an IT or digital marketing provider.

With the above in mind, we have been innovative in managing down our own costs. Here at NECL, you won’t be visited by slick sales people in expensive cars nor will you be able to visit us at our plush offices as we have neither of these. In our view, these costs are unnecessary and would lead to unnecessarily high bills to you. Instead, with NECL, you will be visited by a highly qualified IT consultant with great interpersonal skills who cares deeply about identifying and meeting your objectives.

Furthermore, we believe in leading by example. For us this means deploying the very latest technologies to optimise communication and maximise efficiency. All these savings to us we can pass on to you in realistic pricing, so whether you are a small business or someone looking for IT help at home, do get in touch as we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how cost effective these services can be.