How to Keep Your Laptop Clean

How often do you give your laptop a good clean? Weekly? Monthly? Never?

It is easy for time to pass and you realise you’ve never given your computer the TLC it deserves. Not only is it hygienic to keep your workstation clean, but it can help with productivity too.

Follow these tips to safely and effectively spring clean your hardware (just do it more than once every spring!).

How to clean your screen

Grab yourself a microfibre towel and a cleaning product. Normal household cleaning products can often be too harsh to clean the delicate screen of a computer. Make sure your product is computer-safe and never spray directly onto the screen.

Spray a small amount of product onto the cloth and wipe the monitor gently from the centre outwards.

How to clean your keyboard

First thing’s first, make sure your laptop is OFF before you start to give the keyboard a once-over.

Some people prefer to turn it upside-down and gently tap it to dislodge any dust or debris by letting gravity to do the work. Do this over a towel or a bin.

Compressed air cans are great for clearing dirt from between keys. The handy straw will direct air to those hard to reach crevices.

Wipe the keys with a slightly damp microfibre cloth, similar to the one used to clean the screen. You can also use a sanitising wipe on keys, providing it’s not too wet.

Check whether your laptop allows you to remove its keys for a deeper clean.

Clean your laptop internally

Compressing files and deleting things you no longer use should be common practice and will keep the insides of your laptop clean and tidy. Deleting files will just send them to the recycle bin, so don’t forget to empty that occasionally too.

And finally, don’t eat around your laptop

It can be tempting to bring your lunch to your desk, but creating that distance between work and leisure time really can benefit your mental health and productivity. Another great plus to doing this is that there is no chance of your lunch becoming stuck under your keyboard keys. Why not make sure your workspace is a crumb-free zone? Your brain will thank you for it, and so will your tech.

If you’re as precious about your tech maintenance and security as you are about its cleanliness, why not give us a call today to speak to our friendly team about how NECL can help you keep your computer ware in tip top condition.

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