In retail you rely on IT to be reliable so that you can have fast throughput at your tills. In a professional partnership, such as a firm of solicitors, IT needs to be reliable so that work can be sent out in a high quality in timely manner. As a building surveyor there will be surveys to be produced and sent to the client.  Whichever industry you are in, even a small amount of unplanned system downtime literally costs you money and can be really harmful to your reputation.

Here at NECL we understand that IT uptime is mission critical and place a high degree of emphasis on this.  In fact reliability is built into everything we do. From working with you at the initial phase, to understanding your objectives, to painstakingly choosing the right equipment to our meticulous installation and configuration. Here at NECL we believe that every step is important to ensure that reliability is built in to your systems and not an afterthought.