How Your Business Operations Will Benefit From 5G Network

Remember when we used to connect to the internet on our mobile devices using a 3G network? It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago! Then came 4G, with improved speeds and reliability. It’s almost time for 5G, the next evolution in mobile technology. Faster than 4G, the 5G network is set to create new business opportunities, giving businesses the potential to launch new products and services, increase productivity and expand into new markets.

So, how will your business operations benefit from the 5G network?

5G Top Benefits

Faster speeds, lower latency, greater capacity and enhanced reliability are some of the top benefits we can expect the 5G network to bring.

Companies of all sizes will benefit in a number of different ways, no matter what industry you’re in.

Productivity Boost

Faster speeds and greater reliability mean that businesses can work more quickly and efficiently, boosting revenue and saving on costs. This is particularly relevant if your business hires remote workers or if you don’t have a main place of business. With 5G, businesses of all sizes will be connected to fast, reliable internet. Glitchy, disconnected conference calls are a thing of the past.

With AR and VR technology ably supported by 5G’s high speeds, conference calls will feel like you’re practically in the same room! More reliable connectivity also means more work can be done in less time, whether you’re working at home, at the office or on public transport.

Rural Connectivity

It used to be that unless you were in the centre of a major city, your mobile internet couldn’t be relied upon. Thankfully, those days are nearly over! Yet according to Ofcom, only 65% of the UK gets mobile data coverage from all four main mobile networks. This means if you’re working remotely from a rural location or setting up a small business in a rural area, your internet coverage may not be as reliable (or fast) as you’d like.

With the 5G network, you’ll be better connected, wherever you are. 5G connectivity will open up new business opportunities and encourage more entrepreneurs to set up home-based businesses in rural locations.

Lower Overheads

The 5G network is great news for small businesses and anyone trying to reduce their overheads. ‘Smart buildings’ connected over 5G can use radio sensors to monitor a building’s occupancy as well as its lighting and temperature. This means your workspace costs are cheaper and your building is more secure, as you can live-stream CCTV footage to your mobile device over a reliable network.

Embracing New Technology

From Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to connected IoT devices and HD video streaming, the 5G network’s improved capacity means that mobile data networks will be better equipped to cope with many applications running at once. This in turn will enhance your company’s productivity!

Benefits For Retail

5G is great news for businesses in the retail industry too. AR and VR applications will be supported by 5G and could change the way we shop. AR could be used on mobile devices at home, to help customers visualise products. In-store, AR could enable customers to view a product’s information just by pointing their phone at it. Already AR is being used for connected smart parking allocation systems in the USA (Los Angeles), but this could soon be rolled out worldwide thanks to 5G.

When is 5G Coming?

5G networks are already launching across the USA, South Korea, Japan and China. Yet it’s likely to be late 2019 or early 2020 before 5G is rolled out across the UK.

If you’d like to find out more about how 5G could benefit your business operations, why not get in touch with NECL? We are more than happy to help and provide advice on all of your technology needs!

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