About Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Dynamics Applications from Microsoft are improving sales operations for businesses of all sizes. Modernise the day-to-day running of your sales department with the Dynamics 365 for Sales application and start moving your business to the next level with improved customer experiences to increase your bottom line.

The Benefits of Using Dynamics 365 for Sales

Transform your sales department with Dynamics 365 for Sales and gain several benefits, including:

  • Using AI driven insights to improve sales
  • Building relationships
  • Improving productivity and discovering more time to concentrate on sales
  • Improving productivity and discovering more time to concentrate on sales
  • Improving sales performance with simple analytic dashboards that can be used to train your sellers and keep them motivated
  • Growing your sales and your business using an adaptable and scalable application

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Sales

Find the Right Customers

With embedded insights businesses can find he right buyers to increase conversion rates using models designed to find buyers who are most likely to turn from a lead to a buyer. Collaboration is improved with faster response rates and tailored engagements. All connections are monitored and kept track of with a clear focus on the risks and the health of the relationships that are formed.

Improve Connections

Dynamics 365 for sales gives the sellers the information they need to generate authentic relationships. Businesses can integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator within the Sales application, giving necessary insights that can be scaled and managed efficiently.

Create an Efficient Sales Force

Data entry is simplified, and management made easier with prompts to enable sellers to make notes and new records throughout the sales process. Creation of sales playbooks can be used to share information and sales techniques that are proven to increase sales. This reduces the time needed to spend on training the sales team and allows them to begin using the sales process user interface with continual guidance.

Increase Sales Productivity

Tools with Dynamics 365 for Sales make it possible to work seamlessly with tools already familiar to the team; like Excel, Outlook and SharePoint. Work and communicate in real time and share documents across all functions using Microsoft Teams. All this is possible on the go too.

Evolve Your Business

The application can be used to increase innovations within the business. Custom made sales applications are easily created thanks to the visual editors that require no coding.

Updating and Improving Operations with Dynamics 365 for Sales

Update outdated and limited applications and software to modernised solutions designed specifically for sales. Microsoft has created a complete solution that optimises your sales team and services for modern customers. This ensures you meet their expectations and deliver the service that will result in more revenue, and help to build brand loyalty.

Licence Options for Dynamics 365 for Sales

There are five licence options available so you can easily find the right one for your business and choose to expand or reduce your licence as your business evolves.

  • Dynamics 365 for Sales Professionals with a core sales force and Office 365 integration
  • Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise with automation and insights with customisation options
  • Customer Engagement Plan including Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise, Customer Service, Field Service and Project Service
  • Microsoft Relationships Sales with Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise with LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Dynamics 365 Sales Insights with Artificial intelligence insights in Dynamics 365 for Sales


How to Implement Dynamics 365 for Sales

Consult with NECL for more information about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales can empower your sales team to close more deals and take the first steps to propel your business growth today! You can ask our experienced team about pricing and implementation of your Dynamics 365 for Sales application.

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