Changing Your Expectations on IT Support

When you call an IT company to seek support for your business, your expectation is a prompt response that does not put you on unending wait, transfer you to voicemail or pass you from one department to another for endless minutes.

Top-notch IT support companies have a well-trained support team coupled with multi-channel communication options that offer immediate response to client needs and queries. At NECL, we offer outstanding IT support characterised by these core dimensions.

Client-Centred Approach

The client should be at the heart of any IT support service. Our IT support team is cognisant of this fact and takes pride in building client-centred relationships that instil a sense of trust which leaves you satisfied about the way we do business.

To best respond to your needs, we take time to create an in-depth understanding of your IT,  knowledge and skills in order to work out how you interact with it. This is crucial in giving a solution not just to the existing IT issue but in helping you separate minor IT hiccups from bigger issues that need professional support in the future.

In this light, in fact, we always offer solutions that benefit the client rather than those that bring most profit to us. This is a key commitment in building trust in our customers so that they can find in NECL a reliable and efficient team to turn to each time they need IT support.

Reliable Hands on Experience

There is nothing better than a solution that is built on past success stories. With 15 years of effective client support on our score card, we guarantee support that has been brewed to maturity. This makes our service cost-effective because we do not lose time in trying to work out your IT problem but instead identify and service you with promptness.

Because we value our clients, we always devise responses that suit your unique need. We have a carefully selected team of only the best because we want you to have the best advice and IT support irrespective of whether your need is in design or in setting up the IT system at your business.

Through our expert services, we seek to build your trust in what we do, so you won’t hesitate to seek our expert support the next time you have an IT emergency or any minor or major technical issue. We want to help you work with your IT without any uncertainties.

Creating a History of Excellent Service for Renowned Clients

The best marketing resource is the credibility expressed by those to whom we have given excellent service and become reliable business partners. NECL takes pride in having offered top-notch IT services to some renowned businesses. These include: The Anglo Pacific World Movers, The Barristers’ Benevolent Association, The Polished Artificial Glass, Allan Janes Solicitors, D4P Architects, Sygnus Office Partnership, Goodwins Family Law Solicitors, and Duncan Bailey Kennedy among many others.

Unrestricted Commitment to Our Clients

Because the client is at the core of our IT services and digital consultancy, our team is guided by the following principles:

We are curious about your IT needs and goals and are therefore attentive to ask the right questions in order to offer you precise service responses.

  • We work with you at your level, without complicating your life unnecessarily.
  • We learn in order to be always at the top in a highly competitive market.
  • Our relationship with the client is built on the principles of honesty, professionalism and integrity.
  • We stay at the lead of the game by offering you the best, most innovative and pocket-friendly solutions to your IT needs.
  • We serve you with a vision of the future that improves your interaction with technology to render it holistic and long-lasting.

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Straight from The Horse’s Mouth

Our credibility is built on client feedback on our premium IT services. In the words of our clients, our team here at NECL is “proactive and competent”, “responsive, flexible, and personable,” offering a “5-star service”. We’re proud of the impact we’ve had on our clients’ business operations, demonstrated by a high client retention rate.

When a client signs up to NECL, more often than not, we remain a trusted and reliable consultancy option for all their IT needs for many years.

Ready to make the switch to an IT Company who offers a refreshing approach to IT Support? Contact NECL today!