Whether you are starting a one person life style business or have ambitious plans to grow and sell a business over a defined timeframe we would like to hear from you.

This is because we have lots of experience of start-ups and have a real passion for using IT and online technologies as enablers to give your small business start-up every chance of success.

On day one, we will sit down with you, to help agree realistic goals and assist in the development of a straight forward plan to start making these a reality for you.

From an IT perspective, we can assist you in several areas, from finding technologically suitable premises, to choosing the right accountancy software and accountant, from helping ensure that any IT decisions that you take no matter how small are fully aligned with your objectives, to ensuring that you have the appropriate telecoms and mobile connectivity.

From an online perspective, we can provide invaluable insights as to the size of your opportunity as well as providing precise competitor analysis.

Perhaps you are thinking of starting a small retail outlet, or even a small distribution venture, maybe you are currently employed as a solicitor or chartered building surveyor and are and thinking of going out on your own, whatever your situation, why not get in touch? We can provide a tremendous level of help to ensure that your dream stands the very best chance of becomes a reality.