Should you be buying a Mac or a PC in 2020?

Despite having been in direct competition for over 30 years, Apple and Microsoft have managed to thrive to date by pursuing aggressive marketing campaigns and building on brand loyalty. If you have not already picked a side, or are considering making a switch, here are some key areas you should consider and that may help in making a decision.

Mac vs. PC - Apple & Microsoft Logos

Market Share

Apple controls about 10% of the global personal computer market. This smaller market share can partly be attributed to the cost of their devices. With the majority of Mac computers retailing at over £1,000, it is not surprising that the majority of users would opt for more affordable Windows compatible devices.

Another contributing factor may be that Mac only offers support for its own devices. It is, however, worth noting that despite this huge discrepancy in market share, Apple is still highly profitable and has surpassed Microsoft in market capitalisation to become the world’s most valuable company. Both companies are currently worth over a trillion dollars.

User Friendliness

Apple has long relied on its user-friendly reputation to help boost sales of its products, including Mac. There may be some truth to this as the company tends to focus more on hardware development and simple elegant interfaces to match. There is also the fact that because they only cater to Mac devices, there is no need to complicate their offering to adapt to different hardware, as with Windows.

The consistent user interface across apps in Macs also helps users easily navigate. Windows is however still highly popular and does not have that much steeper a learning curve.

Mac OS vs. Windows Operating Systems

Both operating systems do allow users to customise appearances and provide access to app stores where you can download a wide selection of software. Both also allow for installation and use of highly popular programs like Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite.

While in the early years Mac was targeted at students and PCs were aimed at businesses, there has been much development in the platforms over the years that has both offering options that are just as useful to students, home and business users.

Flagship Hardware Products

Apple has long been praised for the quality of devices they deliver to the market. From MacBook Pro to iMac, their equipment is made of good quality and is long-lasting, but is of limited variety. By comparison, there is a wide selection of personal computers that are Windows compatible. Not only do Windows fans have access to many top computer brands like Dell and Lenovo, but they can also customise their devices, making changes to such features as graphics and the CPU.

Apps and 3rd party software

The tighter security on the Apple store also means a lower risk of installing software from an unverified source. Mac devices come pre-installed with the Gatekeeper tool that is pre-set to prevent the installation of apps from unverified developers or any other source except the Apple store. Google is, however, working on improving user data and privacy, and has even purged tens of thousands of apps since 2018 for violations.

Privacy & Security

When it comes to security, Mac may just have a slight lead. This may be partly due to the smaller market share they control. With Windows being the dominant player, it is only natural it would attract more cybercrime thanks to the more plentiful number of targets. Mac is however not entirely immune to malware and it is advisable to install a good antivirus program, whichever device you opt for.

When looking at the different pros and cons of Mac and PCs, it is clear that there is no outright winner – with both options being suitable depending on the intended end usage. The varied characteristics of each, in terms of both hardware and software, mean that your choice will be guided by such factors as personal preference, budget, and technical requirements.

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